Chance The Rapper Shares A Snippet Of A New Song With Vic Mensa

Chance The Rapper fans haven’t heard much from the Chicago MC in the last few years as he’s concentrated most of his energy on being a dad and the living embodiment of the wife guy meme, but that may soon change. After being featured on Supa Bwe’s “ACAB” posse cut last month, today, Chance shared a teaser of a new song with fans via social media. Doubling the excitement, the song appears to be another reunion with his longtime friend and collaborator Vic Mensa, with whom he reconciled after a few years of tension on last year’s “Shelter.”

“Felt cute might delete later,” Chance wrote in the caption of the video containing the snippet. Over a lush, soulful beat, the two rappers discuss the ills of the world, with Chance recounting an apocryphal theory about President George Washington’s death from a possible throat infection due to antiquated, unhygienic treatments that were used at the time. The fiery verse also appears to include references to various uprisings of Black people against oppression and cuts off just before Chance gives former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover a piece of his mind.

The presentation of the new song appears in line with the rollout for “Shelter” and another (relatively) recent Chance single, “The Heart & The Tongue.” Although Chance hasn’t yet announced a follow-up to his 2019 “debut” album The Big Day, Chance’s increased activity — and a mysterious video posted by DJ Khaled on Instagram a few weeks ago — suggest that one could very well be in the works. Check out the snippet above.