Childish Gambino Performs A Soulful Cover Of A Song By Garth Brooks’ ’90s Alter Ego Chris Gaines

Garth Brooks was perhaps the biggest music star of the ’90s, but he took an interesting detour from his road of astounding country success into more rock-oriented grounds with his Chris Gaines alter ego. His plan was to portray the character in a movie called The Lamb, and while that never came to be, he did release a fictional “greatest hits” album as the artist, titled Garth Brooks In… The Life Of Chris Gaines.

The album has since sold over two million copies, which actually makes it a relative flop compared to Brooks’ other ’90s output, as he had three Diamond-certified albums that decade (and one in 1989), as well as four other albums that went at least 5x Platinum. Still, the record did produce “Lost In You,” which is actually Brooks’ highest-charting single ever when it comes to the non-country charts, as it peaked at No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The Gaines character hails from Australia, and Childish Gambino, which itself is an alter ego for Donald Glover, decided to honor the character while touring down there. He stopped by Australia’s Triple J radio network and covered “Lost In You,” adapting it to better fit his style. The arrangement was simple but effective: Gambino was accompanied by an organ player and a small backing choir, who provided a solid support for Gambino’s falsetto vocals.

Watch Gambino cover “Lost In You” above.