Childish Gambino Reportedly Had To End His Dallas Show Early When He Injured Himself Onstage

Getty Image

Fans at Childish Gambino‘s show in Dallas were disappointed when the performer left the stage without performing his signature hits “Redbone” and “3005,” but as it turns out, he had a relatively good reason for not returning for an encore. According to TMZ, the singer was injured during the show, which prompted his early exit and unexpectedly ended the show while fans anxiously awaited his return.

While the report is unclear about just what occurred to cause the injury, one fan video of the evening posted to Twitter does show Gambino hit the stage rather quickly, either attempting a split or possibly slipping while dancing, but when he pops back up, he seems okay, even landing an impressive backflip to cheers and applause. Of course, it may have been the flip itself that caused the injury; according to TMZ’s sources, an American Airlines Center official reported that Gambino had broken his foot, always a possible outcome when attempting a gymnastic maneuver like the one Gambino displayed before the lights cut out.

It’s unclear how this injury will affect the remainder of the tour, the singer’s last as Childish Gambino. Whether that means Donald Glover will continue to perform under his real name or will retire from music to focus on his acting and screenwriting career remains to be seen.