A Chlöe Fan Got Dumped At The Singer’s Concert, So Chlöe Herself Came Through With Some Encouragement

A concert can be an emotional experience for fans, especially if it’s one of their favorite artists they’re seeing live. Emotions will definitely run high if you get dumped at a show, which is just what happened to one Chlöe fan recently. Chlöe was there for support, though, offering encouragement when she heard the news.

In a tweet shared last night (August 29), the fan wrote, “I just got dumped at @ChloeBailey concert [teary-eyed emoji] [crying emoji] she was a bad b*tch tho!! Bro just blew my night fr.” Chlöe quote-tweeted the post and added, “wtf. better off without him. onto the next!!! love you boo.”

At this point, the fan saw an opportunity and took it, replying to Chlöe, “ayo listen, if yall wanna make feel better, go stream my music,” along with a link to their Spotify artist page. Another user expressed hope that the fan enjoyed the concert regardless of the relationship status shift and she responded, “LOVVVVEEEDDD EVERY SECOND.”

Meanwhile, Chlöe recently appeared to address pregnancy rumors surrounding sister Halle Bailey, saying, “Y’all better keep my sister’s name out your mouth, thank you. Amen, hallelujah. ‘Bout to get me riled the hell up.” Somebody off camera said, “We don’t play about Halle.” Chlöe added, “No. Like, what the heck? Period.”