Chlöe Asks A Trifling Ex ‘How Does It Feel’ On Her New Single

The second piece to Chlöe‘s upcoming debut album, In Pieces has arrived. On her latest single, “How Does It Feel?,” Chlöe reminds an ex exactly what he lost after he played too many games.

“I gave you more than you wanted / I gave you more than you needed / So tell me, how does it feel / to lose the one you believe in?,” sings Chlöe, along with her collaborator Chris Brown, on the song’s chorus.

On her verse, Chlöe recalls good times with her former love, before he messed it all up.

“We threw the racks out at Follies / Gave you the key where my heart beat / You didn’t say it but you said it / It shouldn’t have hurt me but I let it,” she sings.

In the song’s accompanying video, Chlöe and Brown are seen dancing in separate rooms divided by a wall. The wall then quickly disappears forcing them to unite with each other. Elsewhere in the video, Chlöe dances on her own, as golden light shines upon her.

You can check out the video for “How Does It Feel?” above.

In Pieces is out 3/31 via Parkwood Entertainment and Columbia Records. You can pre-save it here.