Chlöe Dissected The Double-Edged Sword Of Being Famous On Social Media While Promoting ‘Swarm’

Chlöe is set to star alongside Dominique Fishback in Swarm, an Amazon Prime Video series from Donald Glover and Janine Nabers. The official premise is, “a young woman whose obsession with a pop star takes a dark turn,” reportedly inspired by Beyoncé’s Beyhive. Chlöe has firsthand experience with Beyoncé’s power, but Uproxx’s August cover star has also grown her own fervent fan base.

Chlöe sat down with Pop Crave to dissect Swarm — specifically, what she hopes viewers garner “about healthy social media use.”

“You know, for me and how I practice being healthy in terms of the social media world, sometimes I have to step away from it,” she said. “It’s such a huge blessing. Because of it, there’s people who know about me, I can connect with my fans online, and that’s how people discovered my sister and I from YouTube. I know I would not be here and be able to do what I love, make money off of it, and live off of it without social media, right?”

She continued, “Now also, with anything good comes bad. People are completely entitled to have any opinions about anything, and I have to come to terms that I can’t please everybody. In everyday life, I just want everyone to feel comfortable, almost to the point where I’ll sacrifice my comfortability. But I think the past year and a half, I’m like, ‘You know what? I know God’s proud of me, I’m proud of me, and I’m just happy people are talking!'”

Chlöe is receiving an influx of feedback ahead of her debut solo album, In Pieces, due out March 31, and its supporting tour. (Many fans were upset that she chose to have Chris Brown feature on “How Does It Feel,” for example.)

Watch the interview above and find the the trailer for Swarm, premiering March 17, below.

In Pieces is out 3/31 via Parkwood/Columbia. Find more information here.