Chris Stapleton Gives Elton John A Nashville Reworking On His ‘I Want Love’ Cover

Just yesterday, a massive Elton John tribute comp was announced, just in time for the legendary singer’s farewell run around the globe. The collection is broken up into two parts — one leaning more on the rock and pop world, and the other featuring many of music’s biggest country stars. The tracklist certainly had its share of red flags, but those existed mostly on the pop and rock side. An album of country covers of Elton John, on the other hand, certainly provides a reason to get excited.

Today, one of the compilation’s biggest stars has released his contribution, with Chris Stapleton going a little deeper into Sir Elton’s catalog for his cover of “I Want Love.” “I Want Love” was the first single to John’s 2001 album, Songs From The West Coast, and show that even in what is considered his lesser material, Elton John (along with lyricist Bernie Taupin) still had a knack for crafting a direct and memorable melody. Not bad for album 26 of his career.

Stapleton’s voice is a good match for Elton’s, keeping it as a piano-forward song with just a dollop of country twang. Stapleton’s music is really proving to be so much more than just country these days, and this cover cements that status as a genre-hopping force.

Check out Chris Stapleton’s cover of Elton John’s “I Want Love” above, and look for Revamp and Restoration, two albums paying tribute to Elton John, out on April 6th.