Chvrches Helped Launch BBC Scotland With A Gorgeous Orchestral Version Of ‘Miracle’

Glasgow electro-pop trio Chvrches have collaborated with the folks at the brand-new BBC Scotland for a stunning video to help launch the channel. Lauren Mayberry, Iain Cook, Martin Doherty, and the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra joined forces for a gorgeous re-imagined version of Chvrches’ song “Miracle.”

The sweeping grandiosity of “Miracle” is a striking choice for the channel’s first transmission. “Miracle,” one of the highlights from Chvrches’ album Love Is Dead , is anthemic and dramatic in its synth-pop version, and only more so when performed with an orchestra. Iconic Scottish imagery flashes across the screen while Mayberry and her band perform — ocean waves, city lights, and portraits of people. In the caption for the video on YouTube, BBC Scotland says the collaboration was meant to “[bring] together the worlds of synth-pop and classical music” for “an aural and visual feast.” This kind of hyper-dramatic language is appropriate to describe the the stunning video. It’s a showcase for contemporary Scottish talent and culture, and a great kickoff for BBC Scotland.

Chvrches just wrapped a huge European tour. The band will play dates in Japan, Mexico, and the US this spring and summer before returning to the UK and Eastern Europe in August. Check out the band’s tour dates here, and watch Chvrches’ BBC Scotland launch above.