Yung Miami Reveals A Big Secret To Her Label In The Premiere Of City Girls’ New Docuseries

City Girls had more than an eventful 2019. Their breakout hit “Act Up” went Platinum, one half of the duo, JT, was released from federal prison after a two-year stint, and the other half, Yung Miami, revealed she was pregnant with her second child. Fans are now awarded the opportunity to get a first-hand look at the duo’s eventful year through their new docuseries, City Girls: The Series.

The premiere of City Girls: The Series debuted Thursday and it gave viewers a behind-the-scenes look at a day in the life of Yung Miami. Titled Yung Miami’s Secret, the series’ first episode follows Yung Miami as she details all the work she put into City Girls while JT was in prison. “Soon as she went away, I did the first tour in all these cities and all these states, making sure JT’s name stayed alive,” Yung Miami said in the episode’s opening. “For all the haters who thought JT being away was going to slow us down, y’all was wrong. When JT gets home, she’s going to be bigger than ever. And they’re going to see that, the superstars that we really is.”

The episode also highlights the moment Yung Miami told her record label, Quality Control, that she was five months pregnant, a detail she had been keeping under wraps until then. The episode films the emotional moment the rapper as she phones Quality Control executive Pierre “P” Thomas and preps him for the news. “I’ve got something to tell you,” she says on the phone. “I know that JT’s in jail and I’m supposed to be out here holding down the crew and you and Coach been going so hard making sure we get everything done. I’m pregnant.”

Watch the first episode of City Girls: The Series above.