Yung Miami Of City Girls Reveals She Is Pregnant With Her Second Child

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Florida-born rapper Yung Miami has been carrying on her ratchet rap duo City Girls solo since her partner-in-rhyme JT was sentenced to prison for identity fraud, but it looks like City Girls may need to go on a longer-term hiatus as whole very soon. Miami revealed today that she is pregnant with her second child, posting what looks like outtakes from the City Girls’ Youtube documentary Point Blank Period to Instagram and saying she wanted to make the announcement on “her own terms.”

“I’ve been going back and forth to share this moment with my fans,” she wrote, “But on MY TERMS! I want this journey to be nothing but positive going forward and I wanted to share this with y’all. No one knows what is best for me but GOD, and this was just his timing for me.”

She also pointed out that while she’s had her share of detractors, she has already proved them wrong, so the challenge of being an artist along with a second pregnancy shouldn’t be too much to handle. “Everybody doubted me and said I shouldn’t be rapping and that I wouldn’t be able to hold the group down while JT was away but I did just that and then some, to the point that you all have made this experience as an rapper so fulfilling that I cannot wait to show more of what I really have in store for my fans. I did everything they said I couldn’t because that’s just the type of woman I am and going to continue to be.”

Miami finished her statement by reassuring fans that City Girls would continue to live on, saying: “Pregnancy is a beautiful thing and life changing, so I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for the City Girls!” She already has a son.

A few hours after making the announcement, Miami also shared a photo to her Instagram showing off her pregnant belly.

Yung Miami is far from the only female rapper to embrace motherhood in this way, but thanks to fellow superstars like Cardi B, who had her baby Kulture with husband Offset 11 months ago, and emerging peers like Bbymutha, who recently completed an overseas tour despite having two sets of twins, Miami is part of a generation that no longer has to choose between their career and their family. Since JT likely won’t be released for another year, that gives Miami plenty of time for “maternity leave” before the City Girls return to “Act Up” yet again.