City Girls Reunite As Yung Miami Announces JT’s Release From Prison And Drops A New Freestyle

Update: Listen to “First Day Out” now.

Despite their name, for the past year, City Girls has actually been a solo act, with Yung Miami carrying on in the absence of her incarcerated partner-in-rhyme, JT. However, it looks like the duo has been reunited; Yung Miami posted a flyer on Instagram announcing a new track titled “First Day Out” with the caption: “YOU BITCHES IN TROUBLE!! MY BITCH HOME!” and promising its release at 10 PM EST tonight.

JT also reactivated her own Instagram to post the same flyer with the caption: “You Bitches Could Neva” and the hashtag #JTFree. She also posted a photo — her first since the page was wiped and reactivated — with the caption: “BITCH IM RIGHT ON TIME FOR THE SEASON CHANGE,” a clever reference to the so-called Hot Girl Summer movement City Girls have been hailed as figureheads of alongside Saweetie and Megan Thee Stallion, who initially coined the catchphrase.

Ironically, though, the duo may have to continue as a solo act for at least a while. It’s now JT’s turn to carry the flame for Yung Miami, who recently announced that she is pregnant with her second child. JT, who was locked up on identity fraud charges just as the group was starting to blow up in the wake of their appearance on Drake’s hit “In My Feelings” and was the first member of the group to start rapping (and wrote all of her own rhymes on both their albums, while Yung Miami often received assistance from Lil Yachty and others), will probably be more than up to the challenge.