Five Coachella 2017 Saturday Acts That Ruled The Day And Actually Cured My Sunburn

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Coachella 2017 breezed through its second day on Saturday as if it wasn’t nearly 100 degrees out and that Radiohead wasn’t totally screwed with those technical difficulties the night before. In fact, Day 2 couldn’t have been more ideal, as teens bounded through the trampled grass, headphoned babies wobbled on their parents’ shoulders and moms smoked weed with their adult daughters for the first time. It was truly a loving atmosphere — starting with the offsite parties and ending with Lady Gaga’s heart-swelling main stage performance. Here are a few sets that made Saturday happy:


Future could keep a party going by himself pretty easily. But for a special set at Coachella, the rapper wasn’t going to pull off the whole thing solo. Through the gig, Future corralled Ty Dolla Sign for “Blasé” and Migos for “Bad & Boujee.” However, when the opening notes of “Jumpman” played, those who were en route to Schoolboy Q’s set at the stage next door came racing back to the main stage. Like Brad Pitt running from the zombie apocalypse, Drake fans coursed to watch them perform the beloved What A Time To Be Alive cut, along with “Gyalchester” and “Fake Love.”


Before Coachella even started, corporate parties boasted rivaling lineups and free drinks. Mountain Dew busted out their new Label Series (it’s like a craft beer version of soda, I guess) with a celebration from G-Eazy, who took the stage at the Musicland Hotel in Palm Springs. Unlike Future, who got the help of his friends, G-Eazy pulled off his collaboration-heavy catalogue with only a DJ, playing stuff like “Guala,” “Me, Myself & I” and “Good Life.” With sweat soaking through his shirt, he joined the crowd as he jumped off stage and later grabbed someone’s phone to document the pre-Coachella moment.

Two Door Cinema Club

Not going to lie — I had no intention of seeing Two Door Cinema Club, but we just so happened to cross paths. TDCC played the main stage just as I plopped down to eat a $16 gyro on the polo grounds. With the proper amount of college nostalgia, the Irish band reintroduced favorites like “What You Know” and “Something Good Can Work,” along with their equally as catchy and high-fretted single, “Bad Decisions,” from 2016. With the sun just starting to set over the mountains, Coachella-goers used Two Door Cinema Club as a soundtrack to their last-minute sun-frolicking, which had groups of friends twirling each other around and basking in the 98-degree heat like it wasn’t slowly baking our insides.

Bon Iver

When Bon Iver nonchalantly cruised onstage after Future’s set, dust still lingered in the air from Drake-induced dancing. Bon Iver let that dust settle with a set that one would annoyingly label “vibe-y.” Justin Vernon and co. had everyone cuddling up on the ground with “music songs,” as Vernon put it, from their latest album, 22, A Million. They churned out the 2016 songs in order, to near completion, leaving out “1000000 (Million)” for a few older tracks. Despite the flower-crowned audience, who might’ve stereotypically had “Skinny Love” playing on their Tumblr page in 2009, Vernon skipped over the For Emma, Forever Ago track and swapped in “Creature Fear.” At that point, I was completely entranced as my friends left for Martin Garrix. Vernon put the horns of The Sad Sax of Shit through a vocoder (or something), giving the familiar tone both an added warmth and an alien-esque uneasiness. Toward the end of the set, Vernon’s soothing falsetto was gone, replaced by a crashing wall of sound produced by an all-hands effort from the band. Just think: if the beginning of the set was “vibe-y,” the end was “mind-blowing.” Poof!

Lady Gaga

“Someone asked me earlier this week, aren’t you afraid of playing at 11:30?” Lady Gaga recalled during her headlining gig. “I said, ‘No way. That means I’m playing for the heavyweights at Coachella.'” Gaga took the daring route — opening the set with something other than “Just Dance” or “Bad Romance” by opting for Born This Way B-side, “Scheibe.” She also sprinkled in a few tracks from each of her albums, including the most recent, Joanne. And since she was certain that she was only performing for die-hard music lovers, she also debuted a new track, “The Cure.” “I love you guys so much. I have been through so much in my life and I’ve seen so much. And you cure me every time with your love,” she said.