Coi Leray’s Blurry-Eyed ‘Lemon Cars’ Video Sympathizes With Strip Club Struggles

The hustle is real in the video for Coi Leray‘s new synthpop single, “Lemon Cars.” While Coi is primarily known as a rapper, she’s been known to dabble in other genres, and that’s exactly what she does for this sympathetic review of a strip club employee’s nightly struggles. The title appears to be a reference to the protagonist’s tendency to get so inebriated that she mixes up the terms “lemon drop” and “fancy cars.” The character is so caught up in the hustle, that she loses track of time and her sense of self, but knows that living in a blur risks eventually hitting a wall.

The video gives Coi another chance to show off her growing pole dance skills as she embodies the burnt-out protagonist, going from the club’s stage to its bar and back to keep herself from feeling the exhaustion of the paper chase. On her Twitter account (not “X,” be serious), Coi elaborated on the song’s pro-stripper philosphy.

“I know strippers who own houses , businesses, real deal boss ass bitches get money bitches,” she wrote. “some with degrees and some without ! But I know the hustle speaks for itself every time . Come correct when you speaking on strippers . Tuh! Keep doing you ladies!”

You can watch Coi Leray’s “Lemon Cars” above.