DaBaby Gets His Miami Battery Charge Dismissed After The Alleged Victim Refused To Cooperate

Just days into the new year, DaBaby was arrested in Miami on a battery charge after the alleged robbery of a concert promoter who had allegedly underpaid him by $10,000. According to TMZ, after realizing he was shorted, DaBaby and his crew demanded the remaining amount, and when it was not given to them, they proceeded to punch the promoter’s friend in the face. The promoter was then robbed of $80 and a credit card, while his iPhone 7 was doused in apple juice.

Now TMZ is reporting that the battery charge has been dropped. The reason? The alleged victim’s has refused to cooperate with authorities. Despite the reversal, Miami police are still pursuing a robbery charge for DaBaby.

The concert promoter also claims that, following the incident, he had to visit a doctor for his injuries. As a result, he’s suing the North Carolina rapper for $6 million in a separate civil lawsuit. DaBaby has maintained his innocence, asking those who were involved to stop speaking about “that weak ass 48 hours I spent in jail.”

The situation follows a string of incidents involving DaBaby and authorities in a number of cities, including his arrest for possession of marijuana in Charlotte this past December. DaBaby said that was sparked by an “unlawful search” of his vehicle. There’s also his alleged involvement in a brawl at a Dallas airport. The charges for the latter incident were later dropped.

[via TMZ]