DaBaby Explained ‘Pushing’ An LA Hotel Employee After A Video Surfaced Showing Him Roughing The Man Up

Whether it’s knocking out a heckler in a mall or having his security punch a fan who touched his chain, DaBaby is known for taking his problems into his own hands. That’s exactly what happened last month at an LA hotel when an employee asked for a photo of the rapper. A video surfaced of the incident Saturday, prompting DaBaby to explain his side of the story on social media.

A video, obtained by TMZ, depicts security camera footage of DaBaby roughing up a hotel employee and giving them an earful. According to the report, the hotel employee followed DaBaby and a crew member outside the hotel asking for a photo. DaBaby declined “calmly and respectfully,” but the employee was persistent. What happened next was the incident caught on camera. But DaBaby says that the footage doesn’t tell the whole story.

DaBaby explained his reasoning via an Instagram post. According to the rapper, the hotel employee in question began filming DaBaby without his permission while he was holding his two-year-old daughter. DaBaby didn’t want his daughter’s location leaked on social media, but the employee, who apparently was “still on the clock” moved a bit away from DaBaby and continued filming the rapper and his daughter. DaBaby handed his daughter to her uncle and said he then confronted the employee. “No video is worth the safety of my child being compromised,” DaBaby wrote. DaBaby continued that he enjoys being a celebrity, but being a father is his first priority.


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