DaBaby Was Intrigued By A Group Of Students’ ‘Imaginary Stories’ About Him

After exploding into the public consciousness with his rapid-fire flow and tongue-in-cheek sense of humor two years ago, DaBaby remains an object of fascination with fans of all ages even despite his somewhat less than kid-friendly subject matter. A recent meme currently circulating the weirder corners of social media turned the North Carolina rapper’s head into an automobile (apparently in response to a lyric from his song “Suge”), while a teacher’s free-writing assignment for her class turned up no fewer than four short stories featuring the rapper — in Spanish, no less.

When the teacher remarked on the coincidence on Twitter, her comment caught the rapper’s eye, prompting him to ask her, “Send them to me.” She did so via a thread of replies showing the stories in the students’ own handwriting on notebook paper, including one with an illustration of the rapper apparently getting out of jail along with one of the astronauts from the similarly-ubiquitous mobile game Among Us. In one of the writings, the student even makes reference to the “DaBaby Convertible” meme.

The stories are weird and nonsensical in the way kids’ stories usually are. One prominently features a Kanye West action revenge movie-style plotline, which has been a source of confusion and amusement for commenters. You can see the full thread below along with some… iffy translations — and, just for fun, one of the best DaBaby Convertible videos out.