Daddy Issues Are Taking Their Grunge And Adding A Softer Yet Powerful Twist On Their Upcoming Album

04.26.17 2 years ago

Daddy Issues are the Nashville-based grunge trio of Jenna Moynihan (vocals, guitar), Jenna Mitchell (bass), and Emily Maxwell (drums). The band started as a parody Twitter account when Moynihan saw the phrase “daddy issues” written on a bathroom wall at a Nashville DIY venue and thought it would be funny to make into a band to fool her friends. Maxwell and Mitchell got on board with the joke and eventually, the three started teaching themselves how to play, effectively turning the parody into a reality.

Daddy Issues will release their first full-length debut LP Deep Dream on May 19 via Infinity Cat Recordings. The band has already released two singles, “I’m Not” and “In Your Head” off the upcoming album and just shared another single, “Locked Out” a few days ago. Listen below.

The matured sound of Deep Dream is proof that Daddy Issues is more than just a punk band who can write catchy songs. These women have cohesively evolved from the messy, loud, sludgy grunge of their debut tape Can We Still Hang into prudently arranged power pop songs that perfectly complement Moynihan’s vocal. What Deep Dream does maintain, though, is Daddy Issues’ unashamed, bold, and blunt lyrics that call out the patriarchy, grapple with gender roles, and delve into mental health issues. As Moynihan, Maxwell, and Mitchell have mastered their respective instruments, they have also found an organic and signature sound to support the creative lyrics that were born as 140-character-long tweets on the parody Daddy Issues account.

Daddy Issues just finished touring with Diet Cig in support of their excellent new record, Swear I’m Good At This. On one of Daddy Issues’ final days on the road last week in Florida, I spoke with Moynihan, Maxwell, and Mitchell about the parody Twitter account, being self-taught musicians, the ambition behind Deep Dream, sunburns, their songwriting processes, and Disney World.

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