Could This Mysterious Daft Punk Video Be A Teaser Of Tour Plans?

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With apologies to America’s extensive love affair with The Stone Roses, it was Daft Punk that stole the show at Coachella in 2013. The duo weren’t at the festival (how gauche would that be?), but the two French robot men previewed a bit of “Get Lucky” in commercial form and that was good enough. That said, wouldn’t it be nice if they got off their elegant robotic bums and toured again? (The appropriate answer here is yes.) A new mysterious bit of video suggests that such a thing might happen.

That viewing rectangle you see at the top of this very post contains 51 seconds of promotional video featuring the title “ALIVE 2017.” We can’t imagine the video was christened that way by accident seeing as Daft Punk’s also released the lauded live records Alive 1997 and Alive 2007. Details like the legendary pyramid, aesthetically appropriate neon and a cheering audience seem to back up that theory. This might also just be an elaborate Justice prank to be shared between French DJs.

Adding to the mystery is the coded message nestled in the video’s caption. According to NME, fans are investigating the theory that the accompanying message of numbers provides GPS coordinates to the possible live dates.

We understand if you’re approaching the Alive 2017 news with skepticism. Outside of the Grammys and a surprise 2010 guest appearance with Phoenix, catching Daft Punk live has been near impossible to see live since 2007. (That includes a non-existent Chinese jaunt in 2009.) Still, this spot wasn’t crafted for nothing. Ideally, we’re getting a tour out of it and a look at what today’s modern dance robot wears out and about. If not? We’re still intrigued and plan to dive back into the previous material until the next rumor cluster strikes.

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