Danny Brown Said Going To Rehab For Alcoholism ‘Humbled The F*ck Out Of Me’

When last we heard from Danny Brown, the Detroit rapper was checking himself into rehab for alcohol abuse. In March, Danny told fans he was voluntarily seeking treatment as he had overstepped during a recent episode of his podcast which he’d filmed while drunk. “Alcohol is something I need to be done with cause it makes me hurt the people that care the most,” he admitted.

Well, he’s returned with a new episode of The Danny Brown Show in which he addresses going to treatment head-on. He called the experience “humbling” while saying it gave him a newfound appreciation for his work, especially compared to some of those who were also in the program with him.

“Being in treatment… one thing it did do: It humbled the f*ck out of me,” he said. “It made me real f*ckin’ umm… Just showed a lot of gratitude. I got a cool-ass life, man. Hearin’ other motherf*ckers stories… ‘Cause a lot of these motherf*ckers that’s in there, they had drinking problems, drug problems, they gotta go back to work…. I have one of the best jobs in the f*cking world. I was taking a lot of sh*t for granted.”

It’s good to see Danny focused and grateful ahead of his upcoming tour with Jpegmafia. They may be scaring the hoes, but at least it’ll be for the right reason. You can watch the full episode of The Danny Brown Show up top.