Danny Brown Calls Out A Dallas Fan After He Disrespected His Female Opening Act

Danny Brown is currently on tour in celebration of his most recent record, Uknowhatimsayin. But things didn’t go smoothly Friday at a Dallas show when one fan began heckling his London-based opening act, Ashnikko. The rapper took the time on stage to call the heckler out and publically shame him until he left the crowd entirely.

One fan captured the public call-out and Ashnikko confirmed the situation on Twitter. “Last night some lame ass dude was heckling me n shouting that my ‘music sucks’ while I was onstage,” she wrote. “Put his own headphones on & nearly had me in f*ckin tears midset.” The rapper then said Danny Brown took the stage and embarrassed the heckler.

Danny Brown pointed to the man in the crowd who had been shouting at Ashnikko. The rapper said he had heard what the heckler had been saying to his opener, “How you think I’m supposed to handle that?” he said. “This ain’t no motherf*cking joke,” he continued as the crowd cheered him on. “We respect women, if you’re a fan of Danny Brown you respect them the same way you respect me. Grow the f*ck up. You was wrong for that sh*t.”

Brown then said he was going to get back to the music and not let “one bad apple spoil the bunch.” The rapper’s public shaming seemed to work as the heckler promptly left the crowd as Brown continued his show without a hiccup.