Dave Celebrates ‘My 24th Birthday’ With An Introspective Freestyle

It’s wild to think that with all he’s accomplished, Dave is still in the first half of just his second decade of life. In the past year, he’s won BRIT Awards, toured the US, been announced as the headliner of both his home nation’s Wireless Festival and the first-ever Toronto Rolling Loud, and received the co-sign of Drake, who is still widely considered the number-one talent scout on the planet. All of that before turning 24, which he did on June 5 this year.

To celebrate, he’s issued an introspective freestyle titled “My 24th Birthday,” which is a spiritual successor/continuation of his 2017 track “My 19th Birthday.” Although he’s skipped a few years in the series, he can be forgiven; the past five years have been pretty busy, full of ups and downs for the rising star. But now he’s also got plenty to reflect on, from buying his mom a house and earning his second UK No. 1 with “Starlight,” to the newfound problems that come with fame and fortune for a kid from the endz of South London.

“But what’s livin’? Is it clubbin’ and bangin’ chicks or plannin’ trips?” he wonders on the track. “Or some sort of pleasure I haven’t managed to factor in? / I guess I’ll let you know when the stats are in.” Perhaps he’ll do so on his 29th birthday.

Listen to “My 24th Birthday” above.