Denzel Curry Plans To Make Bad Music Because He Hates Rapping Now

On the surface, it always seems like being a rapper is a dream job. You get thousands of fans screaming for you at shows, members of the opposite sex suddenly find you very attractive, and it sure beats having a boss, right? However, over the past year, we’ve seen how much more stressful it can actually be than we think; live entertainment is shut down, flagging their income, while the complex ins-and-outs of the record business can make actually getting paid something of a nightmare. And those adoring fans can turn on you over a tweet or one bad song. It’s enough to make you hate rapping.

That’s what seems to be the case for Denzel Curry, who took his frustrations to Twitter in a vent session that found him railing against reporters whose interview questions seem more interested in XXXTentacion than Denzel, fans’ fickle attitudes toward recent rappers’ deaths, and, of course, the music industry that seems to take more than its fair share before the artist sees a dime. In fact, he outright said it: “I hate rapping. I watched my hobby that I did in my room become something I can’t even enjoy anymore because everyone has a opinion.”

He may have a solution, although it seems a little unorthodox. “I’m going make bad music so you can understand how much work it is a making good music,” he wrote (is that what Kanye’s been doing?). “This music industry is bullshit I gotta play a stupid game for me to succeed it’s not about the music anymore if it was you’ll hear a balance of conscious rap along with everything else being played today.”

Fans and friends, such as popular vlogger Anthony Fantano, chimed in to send words of encouragement, but it seems Denzel’s drained. “That spark is dimming,” he replied to one such comment. Although fans were disappointed, Denzel has previously expressed his wish to retire after a few more albums. The grass may seem greener on his side of the fence, but that may only be because we don’t know how much work it really takes to keep it that way.

Check out more of Denzel’s tweets below.