Kanye West Attempts To Share His Recording Contract Page-By-Page On Twitter

For someone who goes on Twitter so much, Kanye West isn’t very adept at using it. Setting aside the irrational nature of the majority of his tweets — which in the last week have included sharing old videos of young Drake and hunting down “fake employees” — the man flat-out does not understand the capabilities of the social platform.

While he’s been embroiled in a days-long rant against the recording industry, he apparently wanted to crowdsource some research into his contract, attempting to upload it as a .pdf file. The problem is, Twitter doesn’t actually support .pdf file reading and furthermore, it appears he tried to “upload” the thing by copying and pasting the filename as a tweet, resulting in nothing more than a tweet with the file name. He deleted it, but here’s the Slack capture, because this is as hilarious as it is baffling.

Kanye West Twitter

When the initial tweet wound up not working — of course — Kanye instead vowed to tweet “page by page,” explaining somewhat redundantly that “the PDF is not loading on Twitter.” Given his lack of proficiency with an app designed to be used by 12-year-olds, it might be a while before he figures out how to pull photo files from Adobe Acrobat or whatever program he uses to read .pdfs.

Let’s all just hope that he gets so tied up with doing that, he forgets to tweet for a bit because we could all use a break from Kanye’s Twitter feed — Kanye most of all.

Update: It looks like Kanye figured out a workaround and it’s… well… it’s almost worst than the filename tweet.