DaBaby Estimates He’ll Lose Up To $7 Million Due To The Coronavirus

During a new interview with LA radio host Big Boy for Big Boy’s Quarantine Couch show on YouTube, Charlotte rapper DaBaby revealed just how much impact the coronavirus could have on his earnings if social distancing precautions continue into the summer. Like many artists, the festival favorite rapper relies on touring for much of his income and having so many shows canceled or postponed and certain states shutting down performance venues through the next year could really put a dent in his pocketbook.

“If it goes to July…I’ve already missed millions for sure,” DaBaby tells the host. “I’ll pull the calendar up right now and show you. I would’ve been on tour right now, and after that I would’ve did an overseas tour. So if we go to July… I’ma hold up how many millions I think.” He then holds up five fingers, indicating $5 million before someone else off-camera chimes in to estimate $7 million.

DaBaby’s guess echoes that of fellow rapper Young Thug, who also guesstimated that he’d be losing out on millions — an appraisal that earned him derision from newfound rival French Montana, who used his measure to snipe that he thought Thug was “going broke.” Fortunately for DaBaby, he’s got a new album out, which should generate some streams, but as we all know by now, those streams are no replacement for the revenue that comes from touring — especially since it seems to not be much of a fan favorite. While Spotify has a new feature allowing fans to donate to artists directly, it seems unlikely that an out-of-work fanbase could drum up $7 million.

Watch the interview with DaBaby above.