Did Ice Spice Diss Latto On ‘Think U The Sh*t?’

It’s a bloody New Music Friday, as half of hip-hop appears to have chosen violence on their latest singles. Megan Thee Stallion’s new single “Hiss” apparently contains some not-so-veiled shots at Nicki Minaj, while fans believe Minaj’s protege Ice Spice appears to go after her own rival, Latto, on her new single “Think U The Sh*t (Fart).”

In the song’s second verse, Ice Spice raps, “I got my foot on they necks, I can’t let up / She all on the floor, told her get up / She my son, but I ain’t her mammy / Bitches can’t stand me.” Some fans have interpreted this as a reference to Latto’s 2023 single “Put It On Da Floor,” which itself was interpreted as a diss record about Nicki Minaj. Latto and Nicki had been going back-and-forth for about a year at the time of its release, and since then, fans feel that Ice Spice, who collaborated with Nicki twice in 2023, has inhereted the beef on her behalf (clearly, Nicki does not appreciate being called “auntie”).

This isn’t the first time that Ice Spice has possibly referenced “On Da Floor”; on her song “Butterfly Ku,” she said, “Where she at? On the floor / She get her money, but I’m gettin’ more.” As far as shots go, they aren’t exactly the haymakers one might expect from open warfare, leaving their meaning somewhat ambiguous. But rap fans love a good feud, and will go out of their way to try to make one happen if the rappers don’t do it on their own, so even if these references aren’t meant to irritate the Atlanta rapper, the response to them from fans will keep adding straws to that camel’s back.