Did Latto Diss Nicki Minaj On Her New Song?

Just when you thought Latto had settled her beef with Nicki Minaj, it looks like she’s starting the new year with a renewed fire for roasting her nemesis.

Sharing a behind-the-scenes clip from a recent video shoot for “Back Outside,” the upcoming single from fellow Atlanta rapper Anycia, Latto has once again sparked speculation that she’s got words for her primary antagonist. In the clip, Latto and Anycia sit on the porch of a house rapping their verses while surrounded by supporters. Latto’s verse has perked up fans’ ears as she opens with a declaration that “I’m turnt / Got auntie mad, she burnt.”

Naturally, plenty of fans have jumped to the conclusion that “auntie” refers to Nicki Minaj, with whom Latto had a rather loud spat in 2022. The “Put It On Da Floor” rapper snapped on her onetime hero after Nicki complained about being placed in a “pop” category for the next year’s Grammy Awards. When Nicki said Latto’s hit “Big Energy” belonged in the pop category too, Latto accused the elder rapper of being a “bully,” pointing out that not only is Nicki the same age as Latto’s mom, but she also spent a year shading the younger rapper.


Nicki clapped back, calling Latto a “Karen” — which, are we sure she knows what that’s supposed to mean? — and earning some “this you?”-style tweets from observers in the process. Things appeared to have cooled off until Coachella, when Latto debuted “Put It On Da Floor,” on which she raps, “She thought I would kiss her ass, she must ain’t took her meds.”

All of this is to say that, yes, Latto very probably is referring to Nicki with her “Back Outside” verse, as she doesn’t seem to be finished dragging the queen for trying to downplay her success.