DJ Drama Continued His ‘Juice’ Remake Rollout For ‘I’m Really Like That’

DJ Drama has released the next installment of his Juice remake promoting his upcoming album I’m Really Like That, really leaning into the nostalgia with the help of rappers Jim Jones and Chinese Kitty. This time around, he duplicates the “Picking Up Vinyl” scene in which Omar Epps’ character, Q, distracts an employee at a record store by flirting with her (remember asking for phone numbers???) as his friends Raheem, Steel, and Bishop steal records.

Making the scene even more fun, the characters of Raheem and Steel and played by their original actors, Khalil Kain and Jermaine Hopkins respectively. This continues a trend from Drama’s previous scene recreation, which cast Queen Latifah in her film role as the Ruff House MC. The shop girl is portrayed by rapper/model Chinese Kitty, while Jim Jones takes over the Bishop role from Tupac Shakur. The music, of course, is updated to a more modern trap beat (a Roddy Ricch song from the upcoming album) from the New Jack Swing track from the movie. The whole thing is cool.

With two Juice remake clips out, Drama still hasn’t revealed the tracklist for his new album, which drops on 3/31 via Generation Now and Atlantic, so stay tuned — there’s definitely more to come.

DJ Drama is a Warner Music artist. .