Doechii Goes ‘Crazy’ In Her Surreal, Borderline NSFW New Video

Remember that craze when it seemed like a horde of new female rappers with “Doll” in their names popped up at the same time? I wondered at the time whether Nicki Minaj, who has peppered her aesthetic and music with references to the popular doll Barbie since her ascent, had something to do with it. I say that because I’m wondering again about whether her obsession with Barbie has bled over to yet another wave of new female rap talents thanks to Doechii’s surreal, borderline NSFW new video for “Crazy.”

Doechii and her backup dancers certainly very much resemble Barbie dolls in the video. While they dance mostly nude throughout (save for black thigh-high boots and a few other accessories for the DRAMA), the removal of anything resembling sexual organs makes them look a lot like the oddly sexless Barbie, with blank, nippleless boobs. It’s kind of eerie, which, with Doechii, seems to be par for the course. TDE’s first female rapper loves to subvert expectations and tropes, blending rap with house on her first single “Persuasive” and now messing with perceptions of female rappers as primarily selling sex in her new video.

It’s a lot to process, but that’s what’s making Doechii’s rollout so darn fun. There’s supposedly also an — ahem — “uncensored” video out there, as well. You can find the link on the YouTube above. We aren’t sure whether Doechii is dropping an album in the near future or not, but one thing is for sure: she’s made one heck of an entrance to the rap game.