Doechii Reclaims Her Power On Her New EP, ‘she/her/black b*tch’

This year is shaping up to be a big year for Tampa native rapper Doechii, who has just dropped her first EP with Top Dawg Entertainment. Containing hits like the self-confidence anthem “B*tch I’m Nice,” and the SZA-assisted remix to “Persuasive,” Doechii’s new EP, she/her/black b*tch, contains five songs that feature her embracing her Blackness, queerness, and every intersection of herself.

“Many times I’ve been referred to as a “bitch” as a way to gaslight me out of certain spaces, something I think many people can relate to in one way or another,” said Doechii in a statement accompanying the EP’s release. “Lots of people will call you various names for doing something differently.“ So I decided to take ownership of the ‘black bitch’ and title my EP she/her/black b*tch and reclaim that motherf*cking power. So if you’ve ever been put down for being yourself, just remember you’re powerful and unapologetic- these songs are for you.”

On the EP, Doechii delivers next-level bars, riding each beat with ease, channeling the multiple characters she has created within her musical universe.

she/her/ black b*tch is out now via Capitol Records and Top Dawg Entertainment. Stream it here.