Does Bad Bunny Have An Album Coming Soon?

After releasing a critically acclaimed album like Un Verano Sin Ti, there’s a lot of pressure to follow said project up with even more heat. But for Bad Bunny, that comes easily. This is especially great, as anticipation is high for a new album.

And it looks like new music may arrive soon, especially as Bad Bunny fans have taken to social media to share theories about his impending project.

Does Bad Bunny have an album coming soon?

At the end of the video for his song “Where She Goes,” a dembow and Jersey Club-inspired song that dropped this past May, fans noticed a billboard reading “Nadie Sabe,” which is Spanish for “no one knows.” Fans immediately guessed that this may have something to do with Bad Bunny’s upcoming era, and may even be the album title.

The Puerto Rican hitmaker himself has not commented, however, more billboards have begun to show up in real life.

This past week, Spotify billboards appeared in Mexico, Colombia, Chile, and Argentina. The billboards read “Nadie sabe si será este año o el próximo,” along with the English translation, “No one knows if it will be this year or next.” This has led to further speculation about an upcoming album.

Today (October 7), Spotify shared a picture of what looks like a tracklist. On it are 15 tracks, all titled “FIRE” with a fire emoji. The post was captioned with the hashtag, “#NadieSabe.”

In the comments, fans are speculating that if Bad Bunny actually does have a new album on the way, it may arrive as early as this week.

Which would make sense, as he is scheduled to host and perform on Saturday Night Live on October 21.