Doja Cat’s Racy New Bikini Photos Bring Out The Thirst In Fans On Twitter

Doja Cat‘s mischievous ways have always been known to get Twitter all riled up, but her latest posts are living up to the lyrics of her breakout 2018 viral hit “Mooo!” Her milkshake is bringing all the boys to the yard, and they’re bringing their thirstiest comment with them.

The Planet Her rapper/singer shared a pair of racy bikini photos on Twitter, where they’re getting plenty of attention. In the first photo, Doja rocks a pink string bikini while pulling a silly face, and in the second, she offers a rear view of just how skimpy the piece actually is. Let’s just say she probably won’t be wearing that anywhere children are present — Twitter’s growing population of under-18s notwithstanding.

Naturally, upon seeing both photos — especially the second one — Doja’s followers turned out in force to voice their approval.

Unfortunately, fans won’t be able to do so live for a while. Doja recently dropped out of The Weeknd’s After Hours Til Dawn Tour due to having surgery on her tonsils. “I feel horrible about this,” she wrote, “but can’t wait for this to heal and get back to making music and create an experience for y’all.” Until then, it looks like she just might have more free time for viral shenanigans as she recovers.