Doja Cat Jokes That She Has A Track Called ‘N.A.S,’ But It Isn’t About What You Think It Is

In the week since Nas’s offhand reference to Doja Cat in his new single “Ultra Black,” fans who perceived the line as a slight against the younger rapper have wondered whether she’ll offer a response in the form of a record of her own. While she did sarcastically remark on the lyric during a recent Instagram Live session, some still want to see her drop a bar or two about it in a song. During another Live, it seemed they might get their wish, but in typical Doja Cat fashion, the “Like That” rapper used the opportunity for more good-natured trolling instead.

“The song that I have coming out is called ‘Nas,'” she quipped. “But only if you abbreviate it. It’s three words.” She points out that the title was actually coincidental, commenting, “It’s funny, because that was before the fact. If you know what I’m talking about, you know what I’m talking about.” The song in question is the previously teased “N****s Ain’t Sh*t,” which went viral on TikTok after she played a snippet during a pre-scandal Live.

Nas’ new single riled some communities on social media — and amused others — when he referred to Doja Cat’s recent chat room controversies on “Ultra Black.” “We goin’ ultra black, unapologetically black,” he cracks. “The opposite of Doja Cat.” The line perpetuates a social media narrative that Doja Cat is “anti-Black” because of an old song on which she used a slur to come to grips with her complicated feelings about being mixed. The song’s title, “Dindu Nuffin,” is a slur used online to make light of Black people’s fraught relationship with the police, while the song itself resurfaced as Doja was being accused of participating in racist chats. However, Doja has since apologized for the track and denied visiting chat rooms frequented by white supremacists.

Check out Doja’s “N.A.S.” tease above.