Doja Cat Channels ‘Sailor Moon’ In Her Dreamy ‘Like That’ Video With Gucci Mane

After going No. 1 with Nicki Minaj on her breakout Hot Pink hit “Say So,” Doja Cat returns with another new single from her 2019 album. In the video for “Like That” featuring Gucci Mane, Doja again breaks out some smooth choreography, colorful costumes, and a dazzling, dream-like aesthetic. She also channels big Sailor Moon energy, as her performance scenes are intercut with some slick animation that transforms Doja into an anime superheroine, complete with visual references to the moon princess (20-year-old spoiler alert?) and her Sailor Soldiers.

The video arrives as a much-needed reset for Doja’s brand — one she’s become adept at employing in her relatively short time in the limelight. A few weeks ago, video surfaced of Doja participating in a video chat that some observers noted contained racist content, while at the same time an old song of hers confronting her conflicted feelings on race reappeared. The combined incidents caused fans to lash out at the young star, who made her apologies in both written and video form before lashing out herself yesterday to defend her TinyChat friends from the accusations of bigotry.

Similarly, shortly after her song “Mooo!” took off and exposed her to a new fanbase, it also exposed her to some new internet dirt detectives, who unearthed some old, offensive tweets of hers in an effort to “cancel” her newfound stardom. In that case, it again only took a fun, colorful music video to win most folks back to her side. This appears to be the new cycle of stardom in the era of social media and stans, but it looks like Doja — who now has a No. 1 record to boast — has cracked the formula to staying on top.

Watch Doja Cat’s “Like That” video featuring Gucci Mane above.

Gucci Mane is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary or Warner Music Group.