Doja Cat Wasted No Time Encouraging A Plastic Surgery Hater To Eat Her ‘Long, Quiet, And Warm Farts’

Doja Cat — who recently had some surgical procedures done, including a breast reduction and liposuction — is now pushing back in her typical fashion against what any haters have to say.

“Stop encouraging your young and impressionable fans to change their bodies,” someone tweeted at Doja earlier this week. A mere minute later, Doja, not having any of it, responded with, “eat my long quiet and warm farts.”

Despite the internet discourse, Doja posted last week that she feels happy with the work she’s gotten. “wish i could suck my own titties thats how good they look rn god damn,” she shared on Twitter. She also answered fans with genuine questions, noting that she still has about three months to heal and that her thighs hurt from the liposuction.

Last year, she also faced some online hate about some of her makeup looks and her decision to shave her head. It was her Paris Fashion Week that made some headlines in October, after she covered herself in gold paint. If we know anything now, though, it’s that Doja loves to experiment with her creative looks.

“I wasn’t trying to look sexy or attractive,” she tweeted. “All of my makeup has a story and there are absolutely 0 rules and if there were you wouldn’t be the one making them.”