Donald Trump Liked A Tweet About Summer Walker’s New Album Bringing The ‘Stripper Back’

Summer Walker’s new EP Life On Earth hit streaming services this morning, sparking a wave of approval from R&B fans — and from one, unusual source. When Laila, a self-described “Black, Muslim, K-pop stan,” posted her approval of the album’s sequencing, she became something of an overnight celebrity when one Donald J. Trump liked her tweet that read, “Summer Walker getting us in our feelings in ‘Let It Go,’ just to bring the stripper back in ‘SWV’ instantly.”

A few hours after posting the initial tweet, Laila returned to the timeline with an imperative question for her followers: “WHY THE F*CK DID DONALD TRUMP LIKE MY F*CKING TWEET?” Her timeline since then has been filled with reactions as fellow Twitter users come together to try to decipher the meaning behind Trump’s “Like” and help Laila process her newfound fame. “Is this really going to be my legacy?” she joked in response to one screenshot.

Even Lil Yachty had to wonder just what the heck was going on, posting a series of question marks along with his screenshot of Trump’s “Likes.”

There really is a lot to process here. He apparently loves “the African-Americans” so maybe that extends to R&B music. Summer has indulged the occasional conspiracy theory on her Instagram burner account, an activity for which the Donald shares an affinity — although given his clumsiness with his real account, the likelihood he has a burner is pretty low.

Maybe Trump’s account is also being run by a staffer — a more likely scenario — and that staffer just really relates to media marketed to millennial Black women. Remember when Trump’s account liked a tweet about Insecure? Perhaps, like most Baby Boomers, Trump needed a younger relative to set up all his accounts and Barron still has the passwords. Maybe we’re all going a little stir crazy from four months of quarantine and civil unrest.

Whatever the case may be, Donald Trump’s Twitter continues to be a fount of head-scratching, attention-diverting activity. Check out more reactions above.