Dr. Dre And Snoop Dogg Launched A New Canned Beverage Fittingly Based On ‘Gin And Juice’

Late last year, Snoop Dogg launched a line of hemp-infused beverages taking advantage of his reputation as a world-class cannabis ambassador and the coincidental timing of his “giving up smoke” ad to give the world Death Row Records’ Doggy Spritz and other associated drinks.

Now, he teamed up with Dr. Dre to deliver another commercial take on the West Coast duo’s long and storied careers: a canned ready-to-drink cocktail inspired by their 1994 hit “Gin And Juice.” The alcoholic beverage will be available in four flavors — Apricot, Citrus, Melon, and Passionfruit — and begin rolling out in the US from now through early spring. The dynamic duo announced the new product with a Quentin Tarantino-inspired short film on social media in which they apparently play the roles of Jules and Vincent-esque hitmen burying a recent victim in the woods while wearing suits and enjoying their new drinks (and Snoop’s favorite vegetable).

In a press release about the new product, Snoop said, “Look at our age and look at what we’ve done, and we still love each other, so why not do something together? A lot of times people have been in a relationship for thirty years and can’t talk to each other, can’t hang out, so it’s just fun to be in a partnership with people that you actually love.” Dre echoed the sentiment, saying, “Together, we always try to create magic, we’re having fun being creative, and everything about this product is really us. There’s passion behind it, and friendship and love and a culture. We’re shooting to make everything we do magnificent, and fortunately, most of the time we hit the target.”

They’ll have another opportunity to do so with their long-awaited follow-up to Doggystyle, called Missionary, which they’re apparently close to releasing.