Drake Offered To Buy Toronto’s Randy’s Patties To Stop The Beloved Restaurant From Closing

If there’s one thing we all know Drake loves, it’s Toronto (Especially the Raptors). So it should come as no surprise that when one of the city’s staple Jamaican restaurants, Randy’s Patties, announced that they would be closing, Drizzy stepped in immediately. According to a local Toronto site, BlogTO, the restaurant is closing due to supply chain issues related to the pandemic. “Randy’s often holds number one spots on lists of the best patties in the city,” BlogTO noted. “[It] has been around since 1979, often inspires long lineups and is known for their signature red boxes… Randy’s has not made an official announcement yet, but a Randy’s staff member tells blogTO that they’re closing permanently because of manufacturing issues and they’re unable to get their supplies.”

When ETalk anchor Tyrone “T-rex” Edwards posted his dismay about the closure on Twitter and Instagram, Drake immediately got into the comments.

“Feel like we need to save @randyspatties,” Edwards wrote. “Listen big up all the Patty places in the city (done know @pattystopinc ahh ahh ) but something about the fact that lil Jamaica is slowly being erased just doesn’t sit right with my soul – during black history month at that.” Clearly, the 6 God agreed because he chimed in: “I’ll buy Randy’s right now,” he wrote, continuing “And give it back to them.”

Drake Instagram Randy's Patties

Edwards responded to Drake’s comment and is apparently trying to link Drake with the owners, so this might just happen.

Drake Randy's Patties

Never have I wanted to try a Jamaican patty more in my life! Let’s hope the city comes together to keep this institution open.