Drake Has Been Mysteriously Edited Out Of Ye’s Larry Hoover Benefit On Amazon Prime Video

Well, this is awkward. You know the Larry Hoover Benefit Concert and livestream that went down at the L.A. Memorial Coliseum last Thursday night? You know, the one that was dubbed as “Kanye With Special Guest Drake Live In Concert #FreeLarryHoover”? The one where Ye played an unthinkable set of his greatest hits and Drake put down a dozen songs of his own before the pair closed the show out with “Forever”? Well, if you weren’t there or didn’t watch the livestream, you might never know that Drake played a set at all.

That’s because Amazon has mysteriously removed Drake’s set from the Amazon Prime Video version of the show that’s currently up on their site for streaming. Following the concert, the video has had numerous periods where it has been unavailable on Amazon Prime. One of them was presumably for producer Mike Dean to apply his own audio mix to the show, which is the higher quality sounding version currently available, which is also 24 minutes shorter than the original. Two days ago, Dean posted an update about his mix on Instagram stating “NEW MIX ON THE COLLISIUM [sic] SHOW. CHECK IT.”

So why is Drake’s set missing from the video now? The closing duet of “Forever” is still on there, so he hasn’t been completely erased. But could this insinuate a rekindling of the Drake/Ye beef? A more plausible assertion is that Drake’s set doesn’t have the high-quality audio that Ye has infamously demanded of every project he’s ever been a part of. So perhaps someone like Mike Dean hasn’t cleaned it up for the streaming video yet. Maybe the concert will be unavailable again for a day and then reappear with Drake back in there? Or perhaps Drake hasn’t cleared his performance for streaming video after the fact? Either way, this is just weird and low-key messy. Of course, it is.