Drake Is Now The ‘Kale God’ According To A Vegan-Sponsored Toronto Billboard

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Drake really cannot do anything at all without becoming a meme these days. From pouring himself a cup of sparkling water to appearing in a music video with a hilarious wig to declaring that he’s gone vegetarian during a recent video game livestream, everything The Boy does is met with an exuberant and often hilarious reaction by fans — both online and in the real world.

The latest example of the Drake phenomenon relates to that last big lifestyle evolution. BlogTO reported that a billboard imitating the cover art of Drake’s If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late single “6 God” went up in Toronto recently with the text modified to declare the Canadian rapper the “Kale God” instead, courtesy of Toronto fast-casual restaurant chain Freshii.

The restaurant also created a web page,, to praise Drake for giving up meat. “Drake, we hear you’ve gone meatless,” it reads. “HYFR.”

The site also includes some words of encouragement for the newly health-conscious rapper. “Giving up butter chicken and Sotto Sotto black angus steak isn’t easy, even with all the pineapple pizza in the world. Nobody becomes a kale god overnight. The entire Freshii team is behind you, passionate from (only a few) miles away.”

The site also includes a number of diet-related health tips, liberally sprinkled with references to Drake’s extensive catalog of hit records. Whether a genuine reflection of civic pride or a shameless marketing ploy, you have to admit, it’s a decent idea. If nothing else, those tips can come in handy for anyone looking to make the lifestyle leap themselves, because you know once Drake does it, you may as well call it a trend.