Fans Think Drake Slams Kanye West On The ‘Certified Lover Boy’ Song ‘7am On Bridle Path’

It was reported recently that Kanye West was ready to fire back at Drake if Drake dissed him on his new album, Certified Lover Boy. Well, the album is out now, and it appears West may have some feuding to do, as fans think Drake addresses him on “7am On Bridle Path.”

First, there’s this lyric:

“You over there in denial, we not neck and neck
It’s been a lot of years since we seen you comin’ correct
Man, f*ck a ‘Respectfully,’ I just want my respect
They tried to label me mean, I say what I mean
People that could’ve stayed on the team
They played in-between.”

If those lines are about West, the first two could be interpreted as Drake alleging that West has fallen off in terms of the quality of his musical output. Furthermore, “Respectfully” may be a reference to Justin Laboy (aka Respectfully Justin), whose name popped up during the Donda rollout.

The song later continues:

“Give that address to your driver, make it your destination
‘Stead of just a post out of desperation
This me reachin’ the deepest state of my meditation
While you over there tryna impress the nation
Mind’s runnin’ wild with the speculation.”

The “address” line is an apparent reference to when West recently shared Drake’s address on Instagram. Bridle Path, by the way, is the name of the Toronto neighborhood where Drake lives.

Drake then seems to address his and West’s repeated reconciliations over the years and how their cease fires haven’t lasted for long: “Why the f*ck we peacemakin’, doin’ the explanations / If we just gon’ be right back in that b*tch without hesitation?”

Listen to “7am On Bridle Path” above and check out some reactions to the song below.

Certified Lover Boy is out now via OVO Sound/Republic. Get it here.