Dvsn Finds A Religious Love On ‘Blessings’ From Their Upcoming Album

Dvsn’s latest single, released overnight, is a departure that may have some longtime fans raising their eyebrows at the mature themes. That’s because those themes aren’t “mature” in the way one usually finds on a Dvsn record. Instead of their usual debauchery, on “Blessings,” Nineteen85 is sampling gospel and Daniel is singing about getting married. It looks like our boys grew up.

Of course, there’s still the usual touch of mischief in their use of a religious refrain in the song’s sample, as Daley transforms prayer into the soundtrack for a night of more carnal activities. “And she’ll keep sayin’, ‘Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,'” he croons with a wink. “Neighbors hear you screamin’, screamin’, screamin’.”

Judging from the song art, which reads Amusing Her Feelings and references their last album, A Muse In Her Feelings with a play on words, it looks like their fourth full-length project is in the works after the duo was long-listed for the Polaris Prize (Canada’s Grammys), and enjoyed a year out of the spotlight after releasing Muse. Whether “Blessings” marks a full-time shift in content to songs about long-term commitments over one-night stands remains to be seen.

Listen to “Blessings” above.

Update: A press release confirms “Blessings” will be on the deluxe version of A Muse In Her Feelings, coming in January of 2021.

Dvsn is a Warner Music artist. .