Earthgang’s Puppet-Filled ‘Top Down’ Video Hits A Couple Of ‘Exotic’ Locations

Earthgang’s debut album Mirrorland has been out for a nearly a year now, but the Atlanta duo still has yet to end the promotion cycle for it. Over the weekend, they premiered the video for album standout “Top Down” on Adult Swim and today, they’ve made it available to watch online.

Like the other videos from across the Mirrorland cycle, “Top Down” finds a creative way to get Olu and Wowgr8 involved without actually needing them to be in the same place or employ the usual elaborate video shoots that would usually be needed to convey their creative ideas. Rather than appearing themselves, they utilize puppets in their likenesses, cruising through the city in a convertible and hitting a local strip club — also staffed by puppets, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Taking full advantage of all the surreal possibilities provided by their stuffed stand-ins, Earthgang takes “Top Down” to the bottom of the sea as well, where they’re joined by a few mermaids for a chorus of the song and also “smoke” a ridiculously huge blunt underwater.

Previous trips to Mirrorland have included videos for “Hypnotic Fields,” “Avenue,” and “Lala Challenge,” while the Atlanta boys took a break from their psychedelic creation to participate in the video for Spillage Village’s “End Of Daze.” Olu also paid tribute to his late father with a hair-raising rendition of Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On.”

Watch Earthgang’s “Top Down” video above.