Eminem Explains Why He Refuses To Watch His Recent Oscars Performance Of ‘Lose Yourself’

Awards shows are usually full of surprises, but one thing that nobody saw coming at this year’s Academy Awards in February was Eminem taking the stage for a performance of “Lose Yourself.” The rapper performed a fiery rendition of his 2002 hit at the Oscars, and while everything looked fine on TV, Eminem has revealed that a technical issue bothered him during the performance. He was so peeved by what happened, in fact, that he hasn’t watched the performance yet, and he doesn’t want to, either.

Eminem guested on Hotboxin’ With Mike Tyson podcast yesterday, and he discussed (with his “Godzilla” video co-star) the problems with the Oscars performance, saying, “When I went out there, everything was cool. I go through the first verse and they had the mic pack that you wear that clips onto your belt, and then you got the in-ears that go in your ears so you can hear the sound. And I’m rapping, and all of a sudden I see between my legs the motherf*cking pack swinging. What the f*ck?!”

He went on to explain that he frantically tried to grab the pack and stick it in his pocket for the duration of the performance, and he finally managed to wrangle it towards the end of the song.

“By that time, the song’s over and I’m like, ‘Man, what the f*ck?’ We rehearsed for that sh*t — I know the words to ‘Lose Yourself’ — but we rehearsed that sh*t extra, extra, extra just so we didn’t f*ck that up, and then that was the one thing we didn’t plan for and of course it went wrong, and I’m like, ‘motherf*ck.'”

After taking compliments about his performance, he revealed, “I ain’t watched it, because I got creeped out. I don’t want to f*cking see this sh*t, I’ma just get angry.”

Watch the full episode above, with the portion about the Oscars performance coming at 31:06 into the video.