The Actor Who Played Stan In Eminem’s ‘Stan’ Video Sent Him A Funny Birthday Message

Yesterday (October 17), Eminem celebrated his 47th birthday. While he got plenty of warm messages from people online, perhaps none of them were better than the birthday greeting he received from Devon Sawa. The actor — whose film credits include Final Destination, Little Giants, and Casper — is known to Eminem fans as the person who portrayed Stan in the video for Eminem’s classic song of the same name.

Sawa didn’t pass up an opportunity to crack a quick joke while wishing his former collaborator a pleasant day: He stepped back into his Stan character, if only for a moment, and tweeted, “Happy birthday @Eminem. Sincerely yours, Stan, Ps. We should be together, too.”

Sawa’s tweet, of course, is a reference to an iconic “Stan” lyric: “You gotta call me, man, I’ll be the biggest fan you’ll ever lose / Sincerely yours, Stan. P.S.: We should be together, too.”

In the lead-up to his birthday, Eminem has seen both criticism and praise from his hip-hop peers. Tyler The Creator recently said, “Eminem picked some of the worst beats ever,” although he noted shortly after, “His energy and witty lines is what made the songs cool.” Meanwhile, Rakim was all kindness in a recent interview when he called Eminem a “beast.”

Watch the “Stan” video below.