Everything We Know About Kanye West’s ‘Jesus Is King’ Record

Kanye West’s Jesus Is King was originally slated for release Friday, but now it looks as though fans will have to sit tight until Sunday. But a select few Detroit fans were lucky enough to get a first-hand exclusive listen to the record during a listening session, and they are letting a few details slip. Here’s everything we know so far about the album and Kanye’s two other film projects, according to those who have already heard it.

West announced he would premiere his IMAX visual, Jesus Is Lord, at Fox Theater in Detroit hours after hosting a Sunday Service event in the city. According to the Detroit Free Press, over 2,000 people showed up to the theater, hoping to gain entry. Those that got in were asked to keep their phones in their pockets. Kim and Kanye appeared on the theater’s balcony with their daughter North a few hours after the theater’s doors opened.

Before playing his album, Kanye premiered two films. The first was a documentary following the construction of architecture. According to Complex, a fan said it was the story of the year-long process of building a structure in Calabasas for Ye’s choir to sing in. West stated in the movie that he wishes to “maximize human experience” with other affordable housing projects. The second film was his IMAX project, Jesus Is Lord. Directed by British filmmaker Nick Knight, it follows the Sunday Service choir and is set to a score without any dialogue.

After premiering his film projects, Kanye positioned himself behind the soundboard to play the entirety of his forthcoming record. According to the Detroit Free Press, the order of the songs are different from the track list that Kim had previously posted a photo of. Though the album has a Christian and spiritual theme, it’s not explicitly “gospel” music. Ye warns listeners of the pitfalls of superficial culture on “L.A. Monster,” gives the story of his personal revelation on “Hands Off,” and pushes faith and devotion with “Closed on Sunday.” Apparently, Nicki’s verse was scrapped on “New Body,” but Ye makes up for it with other features. According to fans, Pusha T features on “Chakra” and the record also sees guest verses from Lauryn Hill, Clipse, and even a feature from Kenny G.

Though the album wasn’t delivered until originally promised, Kardashian gave fans hope by stating it would be released Sunday. We’ll see if Kanye makes good on his promise and delivers Jesus Is King before the end of September.