Kanye Teased New Music With Nicki Minaj On The Latest Episode Of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’

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North West may only be five years old, but it looks like she already has aspirations of following in her dad’s footsteps behind the mixing board at the end of a recent clip of the E! show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The clip was taken from a fan recording, so it cuts off before we get to see her musical masterpiece, but we do get to see part of Kanye‘s creative process. It looks like Yandhi is still on the way and will be receiving a guest verse courtesy of Nicki Minaj, with a little help from Kim, who plays messenger between the two artists in the short excerpt.


The clips finds Kim and the kids accompanying Kanye and an unseen producer into the studio, where Kanye asks if Nicki would be dope on a song called “New Body.” He asks Kim to send the beat to Nicki, who had apparently been bugging Kim to get Kanye to send her new music. The two artists Facetime for a bit before Nicki signs off to work on the track, which she reportedly completed within the hour:


However, eager fans will likely have to wait until more information comes out on the oft-delayed Yandhi to find out what “real ass sh*t” Nicki spit to the beat — or what the beat even sounds like.