After Missing Its Scheduled Date, Kanye West’s ‘Jesus Is King’ Will Now Reportedly Be Released Sunday

Friday came and went with no Kanye West album. The rapper had originally alluded to fans that his upcoming record, Jesus Is King, would be released on 9/27. But didn’t keep his promise, instead opting to debut his album’s accompanying visual film to a lucky select few fans in Detroit. Those fans were the first to hear Kanye’s new album, and Kim Kardashian revealed Friday night that on Sunday the rest of the world can finally hear her husband’s new album.

Kardashian took to Instagram to address disappointed fans Friday who had been anxiously awaiting a Jesus Is King release. While Kanye was premiering his IMAX film, the similarly titled Jesus Is Lord, to a Detroit audience, Kardashian wrote that the album would arrive Sunday after a few edits. “Kanye’s doing a listening session in Chicago tomorrow, then NYC Sunday,” she wrote. “He’s dropping the album Sunday. Just a few final tweaks to the mixes.”

She also shared a photo of a tracklist, urging fans to be patient and “have faith.”

All we know about the album so far comes from fans in attendance at the Detroit listening session. According to fans, the record is centered on religious themes, as the album’s title suggests.