A Rogue Justin Timberlake Fan Was Arrested Following A Grope Of The Pop Star’s Face

Though golf stereotypically inspires nothing more than shrouded yawns and only mild excitement, the American Century Celebrity Pro-Am held in Lake Tahoe this past Saturday spurred an unforeseen deviation from the norm. Sparking TMZ reporting and viral notoriety was the “slap” heard ’round the world. In a video captured by the aforementioned media outlet, we see a parade of celebrities walking off the golf course amongst cheering fans all vying for a photo. The archetypical scene of impassioned fans amid their favorite stars is disrupted, however, when one decides to go rogue. Can’t they just enjoy them doing “the Carlton” in peace?

We see an overzealous fan reach forth, grab Justin Timberlake‘s face upon his attempted exit causing the bearded and confused pop star to turn around, pause then shout, “Why would you do that?” Though the incident was widely reported as a “slap” to the 35-year-old singer-songwriter, it truly is more reminiscent of an awkward stroking than an outright strike.

Regardless, the assailant in question donning a straw hat was questioned by police to whom he upheld all he wanted to do was “touch” the “Can’t Stop the Feeling” vocalist, but got a bit too excited. Seemingly vindicating himself with this explanation (for who wouldn’t get too excited upon seeing the OG boy band frontman?), both Timberlake and the tournament representatives decided not to press charges. However, things took a turn when the man refused to be escorted off the premises, was clearly intoxicated and was becoming hostile. He was then arrested for disorderly conduct. Just as JT has been trying to tell us for about a decade now, “What Goes Around…Comes Around.”