Flavor Flav Sang The National Anthem At A Bucks Game And His Passionate Performance Drew A Mixed Reaction

Flavor Flav is a rap legend thanks to his work in Public Enemy. He’s also a reality TV icon thanks to his multiple shows, including Flavor Of Love. One thing Flav isn’t necessarily known for is his singing abilities, but he put them center stage this weekend to sing the National Anthem at a Milwaukee Bucks game yesterday (October 29).

The NBA team shared a video of the performance on X (formerly Twitter) and it has proven popular, racking up 3.8 million views in the 13 hours since it was uploaded. Not long after he left the court, Flav seemingly anticipated some negative feedback coming his way, as he tweeted, “The anthem was a long time bucket list item,,, that was fun! I can’t live my life worried about what people might say about me. I won’t let that stop me from trying new things and doing things I wanna do. Some people might not like that. But a sure failure is if you stop trying.”

Feedback was mixed: Some took exception to Flav’s vocal performance, while others were happy to see him putting his heart into the performance. One user called on fellow Public Enemy member Chuck D, tweeting, “I bet @MrChuckD is laughing his ass off.” Chuck responded, “Well I’ll put it to you this way .. Flav moved his opinion with The Obamas and VP Harris. I think a bit different on it. My father was a hardcore US Marine. When he passed in 2016 they came out played taps & folded the flag. The context must always be presented upon the action you see. I wrote each of MY songs with deep detailed meaning so you cannot listen to PE with a cavalier EAR and mindset.”

Chuck also recently posted about how Flav has been doing lately, writing, “Some social talk out there on @FlavorFlav about his management. Truth is They cleaned his life up. These past 5 years Period. If thats what it takes to get him away from the bulsht elements so be it. Bulsht street sht that has us RIP at stupid funerals for 50 and unders many times a year now. I don’t GAF if he moves In Taylor Swifts house.. HES 64 many are crumbling younger. He is doing well and best I’ve ever seen him.”