Flo Milli Debuts Her Aggressive New Single ‘Ice Baby’ On ‘A COLORS Show’

Despite its title’s similarity to another hip-hop hit referencing “Ice Baby,” Flo Milli’s new single sounds wildly different from the one most millennials grew up chanting. Instead, it’s an aggressive, boastful track with a thunderous trap beat that aims to establish the Mobile, Alabama native’s growing dominance in the rap game. The song was debuted on the popular performance platform, A COLORS Show, with Flo Milli decked out in a vibrant cyan bodysuit and popping against a magenta background, helping A COLORS Show live up to its name.

Employing a laid-back rapid-fire flow, Milli brags about her newfound success, comparing herself to her detractors and determining that she’s just too big to belong in their conversations. Although she’s not as animated as some prior guests, her chilly demeanor actually works to the song’s advantage, giving the air of someone who remains rock-solid no matter how boisterous the boasts happen to get.

Fans have been looking forward to the Alabama rapper’s return ever since she appeared on this year’s XXL Freshman Class courtesy of the success of her breakout debut mixtape, Ho, Why Is You Here? in 2020. While she followed that up with a strong feature on GoldLink’s “Raindrops,” her overall absence from the spotlight suggested she was focused on finishing a project, which she recently promised would be “versatile.” With the release of a new single, perhaps those fans’ wait will be over in due time.

Watch Flo Milli perform “Ice Baby” on A COLORS Show above.